Toby Todd PGA


This is the information about me and the PGA. I spent 4 years working on bookwork, work experience, playing ability, and testing thru the PGA's GPTP (Golf Professional Training Program) and was elected to membership in September of 1999. All of this takes place while you are working full-time at a golf facility. That's why many if not most PGA professionals are proud of what they do, it takes a long time to achieve that level of both knowledge and certification, and why all PGA professionals will tell you that someone with those letters next to their name are very important when you are looking for help for your golf game.

Below are two links for the PGA of America if you would like more information about us.

This is the main PGA site, mostly here you will find information on schedules, news and programs that the PGA runs or assists in running. You can find out about current PGA Tour events here as well.

This is the site most of the club professionals use, it has a members only section, but gives information about PGA professionals and what is involved for anyone interested in becoming a PGA professional.



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